Martin Rice Company - Bernie, MO

Martin Rice Company produces Long Grain and Jasmine rice on its Southeast Missouri farm. The company has dedicated thousands of acres to growing rice and operates its own processing facility at the same location.

This family operation began more than 50 years ago when the Martins settled on 160 acres in the Missouri bootheel, and with their four children, cleared the land using mules. Now, three generations later, the same family farms over 7,000 acres of prime rice-growing land. In January 2000, the family constructed a rice processing facility to add value to a crop grown on the farm for over 25 years. With a dedication to quality, the Martins produce rice under the strictest of guidlines offered by the USDA and the EPA.

Rice homegrown and milled by Martin Rice Company is shipped worldwide and is available in various sizes for both wholesale and retail sales so that you can buy rice by the pound or by the truck full, direct from the farm. All Martin Rice products come retail ready with UPC and bar codes on every item.

Let this family owned and operated business bring its 50 years of success to your table. You will experience the taste and texture of fine rice with each order from Martin Rice Company--where you can taste the difference.

Martin Rice Company
22326 County Road 780
Bernie, MO 63822
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