Martin Rice Company - Bernie, MO


Several varieties of rice are available from Martin Rice Company, including the aromatic Jasmine rice. It is also known as fragrant or scented rice. Originally developed in Thailand, Jasmine rice from Martin Rice Company is 100% pure Jasmine rice. Growing this variety on the northern edge of the rice belt has enhanced both the aroma and cooking characteristics of this rice.

The enticing nutty aroma of Jasmine rice is natural to this variety and is released during cooking.

Most popular in Asian restaurants and in Asian recipes, the taste of Jasmine rice enhances traditional oriental spices. It is ideal for curries, stir fry, pilafs and salads and is also enjoyed as a side dish. The long grains cook to a soft, slightly clingy texture. It is a good source of folic acid, iron, niacin and thiamine. As is all the rice produced on this Southeast Missouri farm, this rice is grown using natural breeding practices. Long Grain rice is also grown and distributed by Martin Rice Company. For more information about any of these products or wholesale pricing, contact Martin Rice Company.

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