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Martin Rice Company grows and supplies several rice varieties. The most well-known of these is long-grain. It is the most readily available rice in the United States and the most economical.

Long grain rice is versatile in its uses and complements most recipes and meals. Most cookbooks refer to this variety when a recipe calls for long grain rice. Cooked grains are separate, light and fluffy. It is used in most types of American and Chinese dishes, and can be served in stuffings, pilafs, casseroles, stir fry, salads, soups or as a side dish. Long grain rice is easy to prepare. Simply bring one part rice and two parts water (1 tsp. salt and 1 tbsp. oil optional) to a boil; lower the heat and cook, covered, for 15 minutes.
This product is long, polished kernels and is a healthy source of folic acid, iron, niacin and thiamine. It naturally has no fat, cholesterol or sodium. All the rice offered by Martin Rice Company are products of natural breeding.

Jasmine rice is also grown and distributed by Martin Rice Company Contact Martin Rice Company for more information including wholesale pricing available to buyers.

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